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Like Dave how you doing about you Ralph you have fun with it yeah next weekend we get this we got a dish put on over Denny's house first thing we're going to be doing this morning is going to be covering the JSA on the floor once again we are pouring a foundation we're going to be setting a pump truck up on the west side so on the specific task steps I've got pump setup you got to watch out for struck by or pinch points the ways we got to correct that is we got to make sure we're whoever back in these trucks up there maintaining eye contact and they have their orange vest on so Dave that's going to be you that's going to be a critical part on on your part you got anything you want to add to that and we just want to make sure guys invite us walk around the truck make sure you make proper eye contact with the operator if you if you do make sure that he gives you a nod or a thumbs-up when you're walking around it would be sure reminded me in this morning be sure and watch all the other traffic that's around in the area the guys is testing the concrete let's make sure that we don't back over them watch for other people that's all working around you alright guys once again we're going to be placing 270 yards of concrete today and they've mad you've got this truck scheduled to be here at 7:30 nickels will be pulling up a bat we need to make sure Dave we get the plastic down before we strip the stage the truck Matt knocking he's got 50 yards scheduled an hour we're gonna start on the east side working west filling the foundation at 1 foot an hour once again the assignments are spa Sam you're gonna be on the pump today Brandon you're gonna be on the vibrator buddy we'll be on the tail of the vibrator Roberts gonna be on the rake with the finishers Tim we'll also be on the rake with the finishers curb and Avery will be finishing Frank and Jimmy's going to be dealing for watch and that's going to be collecting tickets at the pump all right on this next portion we're going to be covering testing her do you want to talk to us a little bit about the hazards and way to eliminate them there's always there a concern struck fire stuff that autism higher content our contact with I would like to add to worry about our war station knocked out when I was in the gang but maybe we ought to think about the station marathons five and cuts in operations got any open wounds anything like that or the concrete crew we need to get those cuts and scratches and stuff covered up to protect you from concrete cause those are really excellent points that her brought up we need to make sure that we add these to the future JSA's and I'll get what Matt Gentry maybe will add this to our free four checklist so if we walk down here we're not going to have any permits so that's non applicable on the personal protective equipment we need to have our normal PPE our hard hats safety glasses and work boots on special there I got to make we got to make sure we have the rubber dip concrete...